Staff Directory

Finance and Administration
Title Name
Director of Operations Brendan Huston
Executive Assistant to the Director of Operations Darlene Paquin
Director of Finance Margaret Harding
Accounting Clerk Vacant
Accounting Receivable Clerk Myra Wabegijig
First Nations Services Receptionist Vacant
Information/ Membership Clerk Melanie Miller
Community Planning & Infrastructure 
Director of Infrastructure & Planning Arvind Sharma
Community Assistance Administrative Assistant                                 Tiana Wabegijig-Jourdain
Lands Manager Robert Paishegwon
Lands Registry Clerk Heather Sawdon
Natural Resource Coordinator Vacant
Public Works Manager Darin Migwans
Business Park Manager Vacant
Housing Manager Vivian Naponse
Community Development Manager Orsolya Csaszar
Community Centre Coordinator Samantha Nootchtai
Economic Development Officer Vacant
Education & Social Services 
Director of Education & Social Services Loretta Nootchtai
Band Representative John Miller
Education Co-ordinator Kimberly Nootchtai
Education Support Workers Tim Saikkonen & Jessie Lee
Librarian Mary Fraser
Health And Community Wellness
Director of Health & Community Wellness Carmen Nootchtai
Administration Assistant Cheryl Thurston
Health Programs Manager Darlene Shawbonquit
Health Services Clerk Darlene Geauvreau
Patient Transportation Driver Don Paishegwon
Wellness Coordinator- Mental Health Tina Nootchtai
Wellness Coordinator- Traditional Health Jennifer Brideau
Health Promotions Manager Amanda Wabegijig-Jourdain
Community Health Nurse Marina McComber
Community Physical Programmer John Vallely
Youth Worker – Youth Centre Alyssa Soucy
Home Care Manager Lisa Groulx
Adult Day Programmer Susan Squires
Diner’s Club Cook Gladys Jacobs