New Schedule for Band Meetings and a New Community Member’s Meeting Request Form

Dear Citizens of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek,

Please note that Gimaa and Council have made 2 changes to our Band Meetings.

Change #1: Schedule of Band Meetings

First and foremost, Band Meetings are always open to our citizens.

We recognize that our government needs to run more efficiently and effectively and therefore we are making changes to the timing and structure of our Band Meetings.

The changes are as follows:
• 1st Band meeting of the month will be a business meeting; and the
• 2nd Band meeting of the month will include community member concerns as well as business.

Again, all of our Band meetings will continue to be open to our citizens.

However if you have any issues to discuss with Council, these will be scheduled at the 2nd Band Meeting of the month. In addition, if you would like to discuss something with Council at a Band meeting, we ask that you fill in the “Community Member’s Meeting Request Form” that is attached to this notice.

Change #2: A New “Community Member’s Meeting Request Form”

Part of government, includes hearing from you as our citizen. To do that, we want to ensure that we are fair to everyone and we run an open and accountable government. In addition, we would like proper time to review in order to make the best decisions possible.

Therefore we want to develop a process that is fair to everyone and gives sufficient time to address community members concerns. We want to ensure that community members have sufficient time to be heard and to also allow our government time to properly respond.

To do this, we are asking all community members who want to address an issue at a Band meeting, to fill in the “Community Member’s Meeting Request Form”. A copy of the form is attached. The form can also be picked up at the Band office or emailed to you by any of our staff or a member of Council. A copy is also placed on our website and at reception. If you require any assistance to fill in the form, please contact a staff person, a member of Chief and Council or the Executive Assistant to Political Office. We are asking that this form be filled in 7 days prior to the scheduled 2nd Band Meeting of the month. In addition, if your topic is about a service or program or lack thereof, we ask that you demonstrate that you have fully attempted to resolve the matter through the respective department or senior management.

We believe this form will help us to treat everyone fairly and also allows us time to review issues in advance. Should emergency situations arise, please note that we are here and will help accordingly without a request form. We believe this change will lead to better decisions in all situations. Please help us in growing and in making positive changes for our future.


Gimaa and Council

Request Form

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