Request for Proposals- Cleaning Contract

Atikameksheng Anishnawbek Planning & Infrastructure’s Public Works Division is seeking the services of a contract cleaner to provide cleaning services for the following buildings;
• Administration/Health – 5 days at 5 hrs minimum/day
• Library – 3 days at 1.5 hrs. minimum/day
• Community Center – based on 2 hr to 4hrs minimum based on rentals
• Independent Living Center – 1.5 Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday

The First Nation requires a Cleaning Contractor that will provide the cleaning services required for the above Facilities. The following list of general duties is an example of the tasks that will be expected of the successful Contractor. The successful Contractor shall clean the buildings prescribed.
A scope of the duties includes the following, but not limited to;
1. Arrange on a minimum of a semi-annual basis, the shampooing of carpets in the buildings where applicable,
2. Vacuum all offices, entry areas, board rooms, multi-purpose rooms, carpets and transition areas,
3. Damp mop all hard surface flooring to maintain a clean environment in the buildings,
4. Empty garbage and recycling containers in all offices and place recyclables/garbage in the bins provided,
5. Clean and sanitize all washrooms,
6. Dust offices, railings, accessible light fixtures and public areas monthly,
7. Clean windows and door glass, including all windows on a minimum of a semi-annual basis,
8. Wash/wipe doors and hardware monthly,
9. Wax and buff all hard surface floors in the buildings on a minimum of a semi-annually basis, and
10. The contractor will be required to provide additional cleaning services in conjunction with special events or rentals as requested by the First Nation, such services to be included in the hourly rate proposed in the tender. Re: Community Center.


CONTRACTOR ______________________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________

TELEPHONE ______________________________________________________

FAX ______________________________________________________

2018-2022 Health/Administration/Library $____________
2018-2022 Manotsaywin $____________
2018-2022 Independent Living Center $____________
2018-2022 Community Center per hourly $____________

Atikameksheng Anishnawbek expects proposals to include all labour, overhead costs associated with the work, and all necessary materials. The Contractor must provide their own equipment to fulfill the requirements of the contract (all supplies and equipment).

3. The following must be provided and verified when the contract is awarded.

3.1 Liability Insurance: The individual or firm will carry insurance coverage in the amount of 2,000,000 which will name the First Nation as a co-insured so the First Nation is harmless of any personal injuries or property damage as a direct result of the services stipulated in the contract.

3.2 Security Check & Bond: All personnel employed under this contract must pass a police Vulnerable CPIC. A performance bond may be required as a condition of the contract (subject to the review of all proposals).

3.3 Benefits: it will be the responsibility of the individual or firm contracted to do this work to ensure that all applicable taxes, assessments or required benefits are paid. The First Nation will require proof of good standing with the Workers Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) for the duration of the contract upon demand or at least on or annual basis.

3.4 Responsibilities: it will be the contractor’s responsibility to ensure that the work is performed in a professional and competent manner. Consistent with industry standards. Availability of personnel to provide the necessary services must be assured.

3.5 Training: it is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure all employees are properly trained including WHMIS certification and any other applicable health and safety regulations.

3.6 Energy/Security Awareness: Most work performed will be during non-business hours, in this respect, task lighting will be used in work areas only and any other electrical equipment on electrical power only. Ensure security of buildings by deactivating/activating alarm systems.

3.7 Method of Payment/Terms of Payment: the contractor shall submit an invoice to the First Nation at the beginning of each month in an amount equal to 1/12 of the annual contract price, additional costs will also be included and noted in the invoice for any additional work performed. Re Community center rentals.

3.8 Start Date & Contract term: Start date will be determined by negotiation with the successful contractor; however the First Nation would like a contractor to commence immediately. Atikameksheng Anishnawbek would like to enter into a Four (4) year contract.


4.1 DEADLINE: The deadline for submission of the proposal is Friday, August 10 2018 @12:00 pm, Local time. Submissions must be received at the Administrations office prior to the established deadline addressed to;
Arvind Sharma
Director of Planning and Infrastructure
25 Reserve Road
Naughton, ON
P0M 2M0

In fairness to Contractors, submissions received after the deadline will be returned to the contractor unopened. Faxed submissions will not be accepted.

5. EVALUATION CRITERIA: Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of each of the following factors;
• Relevant experiences
• Location of company as it pertains to responsiveness and ease of operations
• The overall quality and professionalism of the written proposal
• Confirmation of liability, insurance, WSIB
• Cost.
Note: The lowest bid will not necessarily be accepted.

The successful Contractor will be required to enter into a contract with the First Nation prior to commencing work.


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