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Robinson Huron Treaty Annuity Case Submitted to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for the Commencement of the Trial Process

 On Tuesday, September 9th, 2014, on behalf of all beneficiaries of the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850, the Chiefs of the Robinson-Huron Treaty submitted the Statement of Claim to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice regarding the failure of the Crown to increase annuities (treaty payments) as promised in the Treaty.

It is the 164th Anniversary of the Robinson-Huron Treaty.  A critical component of the Robinson-Huron Treaty is the ‘annuity’ provision.   Our Chiefs agreed to share lands and resources with the newcomers and in return, the Crown was supposed to pay annuities which were to also be increased throughout the years.   Currently, treaty beneficiaries receive a mere $4.00 per year and there has been no increase since 1874.

The Treaty states that the annuities would increase if the resource revenue generated from the territory produced such an amount as to enable the increase without incurring a loss.

The Robinson Huron Treaty territory has generated major revenues from forestry, mining and other resource development activities — yet annuities have not been increased.  The annuity was intended to be our share of the wealth generated by revenues from our territory, yet many of our people continue to live in poverty and sub-standard housing, education funding and health services.  This is not what our ancestors bargained for.

With the filing Statement of Claim, the Chiefs are expressing their readiness and determination to battle it out in the courts and/or call on Ontario and Canada to engage in negotiations to settle the claim.

We will continue to keep you, our citizens updated on all progress and key information of regarding the entire Claim’s process.

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