Nangabotoshing- Round Lake Update

December 2012

Water sampling conducted on Round Lake with Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) to determine arsenic levels.

August 2013

Committee was developed within the organization

Preliminary Budget was developed and approved for Round Lake Project

An advisor was hired to as a technical resource to review background information, MNDM information and plans and investigate water treatment options and report back to the committee.

Water sampling conducted on Round Lake with MNDM(Ministry of Northern Development and Mines) to determine arsenic levels

October 2013

Application submitted to Anishnawbek/Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre to do a Round Lake Environmental Effects Monitoring and Long Lake Creek Stream Assessment

November 2013

Staff attend an MNDM presentation by CH2MHILL   – Site Characterization Study and Reclamation Options Study

Application for funding to Ontario Community Environment Fund was submitted

December 2013

Atikameksheng staff participated in Environmental Sampling Assistance Training Course done by WESA a Blue Metric Company.

A meeting was held with Steve Reitzel from MMDM to discuss lake water contaminates the effects on Round Lake and identify key persons to be part of the project.

A community information session was held with MNDM to discuss the Site Characterization Study and Reclamation Options Study and to answer any questions from the community.

April 2014

A Technical Advisor was hired

A Meeting was held with the Technical Advisor to update on the Round Lake Project.

Next Steps

Review Report from Technical Advisor

Continue water sampling in conjunction with MNDM

Please refrain from using water of Round Lake until further notice.   This includes the use of any fish species and water for consumption or recreation from Round Lake.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Esther Osche, Lands Manager at 705-692-3651 ext. 213.

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